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Southern Fried Computer is the areas leading and longest running computer service network in the area and has revolutionized the way in which business and home computer users keep their systems up and running.



     We repair all Computers and Servers, from the smallest to the largest. For Homes or Businesses. We can repair your operating system or solve your hardware problems to help make your Computer(s) or Server(s) run as smoothly as possible. We specialize in troubleshooting and have repaired all Systems and Networks to date. If a computer can't be repaired on site, we normally have a 2 to 4 day turnaround on most repairs or upgrades.

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    Complete removal of all known Viruses, Trojans, and SPYWARE. Even the viruses that some utilities provided to you from antivirus software manufactures can't remove. We can also install a complete version of ESET Nod32 antivirus software. The best anti-virus software on the market today. We can provide a complete line of security software to protect you or your business from the internet. So far every computer we have scanned to date have had SPYWARE on them ranging from 1 to 1356 all running at one time when ever your computer is on, not only slowing your computer, and slowing your internet connection, but worse of all, reporting everything you do back to the place that secretly installed them on your computer. Please see below!



    We can Network all your computers together for your Home or Office to make all your data available to more than one computer. You can also backup your important data to another computer to insure its safety in case of equipment failure. You can share your internet connection with all the computers in your home. We can install a wireless or a cabled network solution for you. We can also setup a way for you to run multiple computers with just one mouse,   one keyboard, and one monitor. Its easy and affordable.



   We can build you a very robust computer, from a powerful graphics computer for all your Video editing and Photo editing needs by day. And by night it turns into a computer powerhouse to help make you a online gaming champion. Or help you finish your work in a flash. We can even set up a Multi-Monitor system for you to increase your productivity. From 2 to 6 monitors all controlled on one computer for multitasking or the ultimate Web or Graphics creation machine.

Plus we only use high quality components for your new computer.




    All wreak havoc on your computer, from slowing it to a complete stop, making it a burden to use, or completely rendering it useless. They also can steal all your passwords, and accounts, to your most personal information, and financial information. They can steal your identity, money, property, and even your life. They can even make some computers un-restorable calling for the motherboard to be changed. Some generators imbed themselves in the system BIOS, some are simple annoyances just designed to drive you crazy.  We are nationally networked to a wide range of resources and people to combat these illegal acts that are nothing but pure acts of computer terrorism, and they will not be tolerated. We provide complete antivirus and security software and hardware.


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