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Whether your Selling Homes, Sale Horses, Cars, ETC.    


   We will put your videos, photos or data on our high speed servers and send you the links to them in your email,

you can then email the links to your friends, family, associates, or whomever you choose to view or download them.

You can also add the links to your digital business cards, digital proposals or quotes. If you would like we can put all your

photos in a photo album for you online. They can be viewed by anyone you send the link to... Its that easy! 

   You no longer have to edit them to make them small enough to E-mail or try to record them to mail or FedEx them.

We take all the hassles out of it for you.  So if you would like to show your sale horses, home for sale, or even your child's graduation ceremony. Pretty much any video clip or photos you would like others to see quick and easy!

   When your done having them hosted we can delete them or put them in our digital or data vault for you and they will be

the safest they have ever been or can be.


We offer great rates for this service! Ranging from $35.00 a month, or from $26.95 a month, paid yearly.  We can give you a one time rate. They start @ $35.00 on up, depending on size.

We also have pricing available for large volumes of video to be hosted for businesses.

Our Video Vault and Data Storage Services are priced per user per volume.

There are a few pricing plans and we can tailor one for your needs.


Bring The Videos, Photos or Data In Today and People Can Be Viewing or Downloading Them Tonight!


Here is an example of what the link could be like. They can say anything you like.

Click either link below and enjoy the video!

Whitney & Kemper Penny - Owners

Dina Di Nero Jumping.

Whitney Penny - Trainer

Made by Noken

BF2 Gamers Video.

Snoken Productions Team


Gatling Gun Video.




High Speed Internet Connection Recommended!

Videos Above Used With Permission!

 Supported Formats: AVI / DVD / MP4 / 3GP / MPEG / Quick Time / Windows Media Video / Real Media / SWF.     

We Have been hosting photos and videos for years now!


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